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Preferred Dental Technologies Inc. (PDTI) has been established to advance development and commercialization of various evolutionary and disruptive technologies in the dental implant industry.

PDTI’s first entry into this market is the successful acquisition of Preferred Dental Implant Corp (PDIC) which operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of PDTI. PDIC is the developer and innovator of the EAS series that provides solution for custom dental abutments for dental implants. Designed by an experienced dental lab technician, the EAS supplies a solution not currently available by any other dental implant Company.

Every dental implant requires an abutment. The function of the abutment is to provide a secure and stable mount for the restoration or artificial tooth. The EAS supplies an economical and efficient solution that solves major deficiencies offered by current product offerings.
Fixation screw loosening
Ease of retrievability

The more complex the case or restoration the more the design and functionality of the EAS is apparent. Lab technicians do not require any special tools or procedures to use the EAS.


Product Development To Match a Changing Dental World

The EAS was designed by an experienced lab technician with over 40 years’ experience. His aim was to create a custom abutment platform that not only solves many of the day to day difficulties in creating the perfect prosthetic device, but also provides a solution that improves the service offering of the dentist featuring ease of retrievability for service and hygiene.

PDTI continues to investigate various technologies and opportunities that would be complimentary to our mission statement.